About ORA Traders



We are ORA Traders, a proprietary trading company. We are ambitious. We are team players. We act like professionals, but we feel like a family. We continued to prosper and grow into a medium-sized trading company. We operate in a highly dynamic industry. We like our markets fast, but our growth more organic. We are market makers.


We at ORA foster entrepreneurial, innovative and team-oriented culture. We reward people for their team contributions. Our culture is informal and disciplined by compliance and risk awareness at every level. If you can become the best you can be, our team can become the best team it can be.


We at ORA make markets. We are specialized in trading options, futures and equities on multiple exchanges and markets. We trade with our own capital and at our own risk. We do not have any clients. No client meetings. No suits. No ties. We dress casual. With our sophisticated in-house developed software and cutting edge trading strategies we provide liquidity to the markets.


Traders are organized into teams (trading desks), organized primarily by the type of security traded. During peak trading hours, the desks are central to the excitement of the trading floor. Once the buzz has subsided, it’s a place for mentorship and open discussion. People of all experience levels, from the newest hire to the most seasoned trader. We work together on the trading floor.

Traders must be prepared to attack a varied set of problems, every day. We divide time between closely monitoring our electronical trading system, developing new trading strategies and to analyze the markets and our trading data. To meet these requirements, you must be capable of improvising quick solutions under time pressure, but also have a talent for statistical analysis and programming. You will gain the market experience that enables you to have good trading judgment and recognize subtle opportunities.


A typical developer has a lot of freedom to make decisions about the future course of the systems he’s building. You are responsible for coordinating with people to figure out what’s important. You work on a floor that facilitates open communication with the traders and keeps you close to the daily rhythms of trading.

Creating software is a key part of what makes us profitable, so we spend significant effort working on our own tools. Building great software requires understanding the problem you’re trying to solve. So as a developer, you can expect to spend a big chunk of your time learning about areas outside of software, including trading. The people who are using the systems you create are right here in the office, so it’s easy to get feedback and to see how what you’re doing affects people’s daily work and adds value to the firm.

It’s an amazing experience to see the code at work!